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Get Started Moving Now and Avoid the Summer Relocation Rush


Each year, thousands of Americans move to a new home, but there is a particular time of year when more families are relocating than usual. From the middle of May to the Labor Day weekend in September, the most reputable and qualified moving companies are busier than ever and harder to book—because of the higher demands of the summer moving rush.

Relocation is known for being a complicated experience, whether you’re moving a small household to a local destination or a large household across the country. Professional moving companies can help you in ways beyond just moving your boxes from point A to point B. For example, a well-run, top-rated moving company like Central Transportation Systems offers intensive relocation logistics and strategy planning, full-service packing options, and specialized moving services for moving heavy, fragile, or other hard-to-move items.

However, not all moving companies are made alike—and it’s highly important to make sure that the company you choose is well-rated and fully established. For this reason, it’s also recommended to research moving companies and start planning before the peak moving season from May to September, in order to find an eligible company that can execute your move for you. In this article, our experts at Central Transportation Systems will discuss your move and the benefits of planning before the peak season to help you start planning a more organized and successful moving experience now.

Advantages of Planning Your Move Before Peak Season

As we mentioned before, moving during the high season can be quite stressful—even more so than when planning at any other time of the year. For this reason, we highly recommend that our customers try to schedule their moves for before or after the moving season to experience a better and more relaxing moving experience. Here are some of the benefits of a pre-high season move.

·  Less Stress: When you plan before peak moving season and start researching for companies with which you can schedule your move, you will not feel too stressed out compared to when you do it during peak season. This is because moving companies are usually fully booked during the peak moving season. Additionally, having everything sorted out before the busy time of year will ensure that you won’t miss a single important thing.

·  Cost Savings: During the off-season, moving companies typically offer discounts and special promos. With this, it is likely that you will be able to strike a better deal when you plan earlier.

·  Time: When you plan ahead of the peak season, you will be able to have more time to arrange your move and decide on which moving company to hire. On the other hand, planning during the peak moving season means that you will be forced to hastily find a moving company, adjust to their available dates, and go through all the stress and hassle of trying to arrange everything you need before the move date.

·  Flexibility: As mentioned earlier, the peak moving season means that moving companies are mostly fully booked. Thus, you won’t have much flexibility to choose the move date unlike when you plan ahead.

Start Planning Now and Avoid the Peak Moving Season

If you’re interested in avoiding the high season for moving, the time to start planning your move is right now. Here are some tips for getting a head start to beat the summer rush.

·  Create a Timeline and Budget: Create a schedule based on your target moving date. Determine how much time you have left until the big day, and plan all the tasks you need to accomplish to make a move successful. Furthermore, it is important to determine your moving budget in order to prepare for your relocation.

·  Make a List of Your Belongings: Make an inventory of the items that you will bring with you. In order to come up with the list, first go through your belongings and sort which ones should be disposed of, given to charity or friends, and which ones should be brought with you.

·  Determine Your Approach: Whether you plan on doing it all yourself, or if you seek the help of moving companies, avoiding the summer rush is still important. During a summer move, moving supplies like boxes and other packaging materials can be scarce and hard to find. It can also be difficult to rent moving trucks, which could be sold out or more expensive than you’d expected over the summer. Determine your approach early and get started making the arrangements necessary to ensure you’ll be able to move with ease on moving day.

·  Find the Right Professionals: Also included in the planning phase is finding the right professionals to get the job done right. It is recommended to choose one that is licensed, insured, and has years of experience in the industry. Research for reviews online and ask around for other people’s firsthand experience to make sure that you are choosing a reliable moving company.

Your Trusted Moving Company

Central Transportation Systems is one of the highest rated moving companies in Texas and the nation, helping thousands of Americans get to their new location safely, securely, and without the hassle—all throughout the year.

For over 90 years, Central Transportation Systems has been providing exceptional moving and storage services and has established a solid track record of satisfied clients. Whether you are in need of short- or long-distance residential, commercial, industrial, or specialized moving and storage services, our team of expert movers can help you make the perfect move.

If you’d like to get started planning a swift move before peak season hits, give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly and qualified moving professionals. To schedule your in-home pricing estimate and moving consultation now, fill out this online form now.

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