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Merry and Manageable: How to Handle the Challenges of a Holiday Season Move

Toy car carrying a stack of houses, representing a residential mover.

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, but what happens when you’re MOVING homes for the holidays?

Whether it’s a job relocation, taking advantage of time off during the holiday break, or something unexpected, moving over the holidays can bring unique challenges. 

Here at Scobey, we understand the unique dynamics that come into play during this time of year. November through January can be a stressful time even if you’re NOT moving, so here are some tips to help you navigate the challenges that come with holiday season relocations. 

So pour yourself a cup of cocoa, and let’s chat about the distinctives of holiday moving, potential hurdles you might face, and how to have a holiday move that doesn’t make you say, “Bah, humbug!”

Tips from a Residential Mover for a Happy Holiday Relocation

1. ‘Tis the Season of Demand-Based Pricing

Most tariffs and pricing tools in the modern vanline industry operate on demand-based pricing. This means that days or time periods in higher demand often come with higher pricing. The days before, during, and after the holiday season tend to be one of these higher demand times due to downtime from work, school, or flexibility in family schedules. 

Service providers also tend to take time off during the holidays, leading to fewer available moving techs (especially for larger moves). It is often more expensive to move during the holiday season because there is a limited supply of agents and drivers.

❅ During high-demand seasons (like the holidays), plan and book your residential mover far enough in advance to secure your preferred moving dates. 

❅ If possible, be open to flexible moving dates. This flexibility can help your residential mover to accommodate your move more smoothly.

2. Holiday Logistical Snags

Have you ever gotten a Christmas card after December 25? Because of the high volume of things being shipped, it’s not uncommon!

Increased demand from the holiday season can also put a strain on the freight and logistics ecosystem. The high demand for holiday shipping services might mean that it takes longer than usual for your items to be delivered. When other types of transport are used, providers might prioritize high-volume freight needs. This can all add up to wider delivery spreads and potential delays.

❅ Plan for potential delays. Make sure to keep essential items with you (medications, important documents, seasonal clothing, etc.).

❅ Communicate with your residential mover. A quality moving company (like Scobey) will keep you updated on the schedule and any changes. And if you aren’t sure how to plan, your mover can help you plan and problem-solve.


3. Winter Weather Woes

When the weather outside is frightful, that can also impact your move. Since (at least here in Texas) the holidays coincide with cold, unpredictable weather, there can be road closures and weather-related transit delays.

Even if the weather is balmy where you are, chances are good that it’s snowing somewhere in the country. Your moving partner might be dealing with the effects of winter weather somewhere else, and this can cause issues for the whole fleet and logistics network.

❅ Be prepared for winter weather during your holiday move — especially at your destination (or traveling to it!). Keep in communication with your moving company’s coordinators and representatives to know what’s happening.

4. Choose a Moving Partner on the “Nice List”

The best way to prepare for your holiday move is to choose a reputable, established residential mover. At Scobey, we’ve been moving Texans (and people around the globe) since 1913. When you’re choosing a moving company, make sure they’re licensed, BBB-accredited, and have a track record of successful moves.

If you’re wondering what to look for when you’re choosing a Texas moving partner, check out this blog post!

❅ Choose a moving company with a good reputation, satisfied customers, and the experience to navigate the challenges of a holiday move.

We’ll move you wherever, whenever (even during the holidays)!

Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be full of stress and uncertainty. When you know what to expect (and have a residential mover like Scobey at the helm), you can handle whatever curveballs (or jingle bells!) the season holds.

Happy holidays from Scobey’s Texas family to yours!

Does the thought of a holiday move make you say, “Bah, humbug?” Contact us today to find out if we can help you have a happy relocation during the holiday season.

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