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My experience,
CTS requested change of pack and pick up dates of house hold goods four days prior. Said that driver was in town early and therefore everything would be moved one day earlier. I arranged uhaul and storage for my goods that I was taking to match dates requested. Called CTS day prior to pitch up to confirm that the driver and crew would be at home. The survey coordinator said yes, call dispatch that moring, and that the driver would call with arrival time. No word from driver or dispatch at 0700. Got to house at 0800 to make sure would be at home in case the crew arrived without notice. After an hour, called CTS about driver and crew and timeline. Was informed that no one could get ahold of drive in the last 24 hours and would continue to call. Would call me back. Waited another hour and called back to CTS. They had no answers and would have a coordinator call me back. An hour later, Joe, a coordinator from CTS called and said that their staff failed to notified the driver and crew about the date change and if it would be alright to pick up on the original date scheduled. I informed him that that was unacceptable due to the payment of hotel, uhaul for timeline ,and storage of goods that I was taking. He then replied that he would try to get a crew and driver, but would not be a direct shipment if picked up today. That was fine with me. I then got a call from Denali Group who was the coordinating company the military hired, informing me that mistakes happen and that the pick up today was most likely not happening. I explained to her that CTS requested the date change and that someone should have had a contingency plan due to the lack of communication with the driver prior to this date. Also that no one was following up with anyone. I asked about higher management I could talk to and she said she was the manager. She continued to give me excuses with no solutions except that I would be picked up tomorrow. I explained that Denali and CTS failed to follow up to ensure pick date and transportation instead of assuming that all parties were aware of the change and she replied that I failed to do so myself. Which I did, as stated earlier in this message. Professionalism at its finest! CTS representative shows up at 1000, tells me a truck and crew are coming. 1130 says they are on the way. 1330 truck gets here with a driver from Waco, a hour away; no movers who are coming from Killeen which is 20min away. So now it is 1400 still no crew to load property. The load will take 4 hours, if all goes well. I guess my family and I will spend an extra day here instead of being on the road by now. If you are given this company to move you property, I recommend that you ask for someone else. This should have never happen with two companies that make so much revenue from military and civilian contracts. Will be waiting for a corporate manager to contact me regarding this situation.