Introducing Our New Brand

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Outstanding Rebranding

Some might say 90 years of experience makes us pros at what we do, but we know how important it is to stay relevant and open to new technologies and opportunities.

We’ve learned a lot from our time in the business and we’re excited to take the knowledge we’ve gained and effectively implement it into the core of who Central Transportation Systems is.

What looks just like a visual retouch, was really a process of digging into the very core of our company and how we support and provide for our consumers.

We identified our mission and here’s where it starts-

Moving Is More Than A Turning Page

Moving is huge. Whether one moves frequently or rarely, moving is an intensely emotional experience filled with tons of different perspectives- the hope for new beginnings, the fear and anxiety of change, sometimes even disappointment and loss.

The emotional impact is so intense that moving is ranked among the most stressful, life-altering and exhilarating events people experience.

Here at Central, we know moving is more than just packing up some boxes and hauling it from A to B.

We know we’re handling your home, values, and memories- and all these things create your story.

Your story became our core and helped us create what we believe is the best representation of what Central Transportation
Systems promises as a company. Welcome our new tagline-

moving your story forward

Of course it didn’t stop here. As a team, we continued to discuss how we could truly drive this idea home and after months of tweaking and collaborating, our brand began to come into fruition. We decided that after 90 years, we earned ourselves a facelift and..

Our Shiny Brand New Logo & Lockup

new logoOur new lock up speaks to our genuine and attentive personality more than ever before. We added a cool blue to our color palette, brightening up our appearance with a fresh feel. Our logo holds your book in our box, visually touching on our promise that your moving experience is best written with us.


We believe our new lockup and logo gives our consumers a better idea of who we are and what we do-

We’re your friends at Central Transportation Systems,  and we keep your story moving forward. 

Onward and Upward

So yes, our appearance has changed and will evolve even more with time, but our heart for providing an exceptional and genuine moving experience remains.

Let us know how you like our new visual identity and follow us on Facebook to stay tuned with more updates and insights!

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