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What Is AI Moving, and How Can Virtual Moving Technologies Streamline Your Experience?

Man using virtual moving technologies for a streamlined moving experience.

More and more, technology is becoming a part of our daily lives. 

Whether it’s the voice assistant on your phone giving you the current score of the Cowboys game, predictive text while you’re sending a message, or internet search engines that find you the most relevant results — technology is everywhere. 

Certain virtual moving technologies are also becoming part of the moving industry, and we at Scobey Moving & Storage are leaders in incorporating AI into the moving experience.

But at Scobey, we also understand how vital a friendly, personalized, professional team is when you’re moving.

So what are virtual moving technologies (or AI moving)?

And how can AI enhance your moving experience without losing the friendly, dependable Scobey touch?

What Are Virtual Moving Technologies (AI Moving)?

When you hear “AI moving,” multiple things might go through your mind.

Maybe you think of the frustrating experience of wanting to talk to a real person instead of a chatbot.

Maybe you think of having to “do-it-yourself” like self-checkouts at a grocery store.

Or maybe the theme music from The Terminator movies starts playing in your mind…

Let us put your fears to rest… Scobey’s AI moving isn’t any of that.

To us, using virtual moving technologies is a way to enhance your moving experience without losing personalized, friendly service. Instead of replacing the human touch, we use AI as a tool to support our core values of personal connection and professionalism — not as a replacement. 

When movers use AI, you get the best of both worlds: tried and true industry practices for the physical handling of your goods and the cutting-edge effectiveness and learning power of AI advancements in logistics.

  • Self-guided pre-move surveys for weight and capacity calculation
  • Identifying and preparing for high-demand times/season in order to ensure your move is efficient (demand signaling)
  • Activity-based pricing: using AI algorithms to accurately estimate workload and calculating resources
  • Process alignment: AI can help us as your moving company to be even more efficient and coordinated for a seamless move

By integrating AI technology into our processes, we at Scobey can keep everyone on the same page while also proactively making adjustments based on real-time data and customer needs. With AI moving, we can take delivering a smooth and hassle-free moving experience to the next level.

How Is Scobey Using Virtual Moving Technologies?


Pre-Move Surveys

Here at Scobey, we use AI in our Pre-Move Surveys. Using a smartphone, customers can walk around their home and record a video of their belongings. Our software scans your video, creates an itemized list of what needs to be moved, and gives you a quick and accurate quote. This video replaces a traditional, in-home estimate by one of our moving team.

So what’s the benefit of using this AI moving tech?

1. It’s convenient.

We understand that preparing for a move is a busy and hectic time — and taking time off of work while a member of our team comes to your house for an in-home estimate isn’t easy. Even if you decide to go the video call route, you might not have the time (or energy!) to sit through an hour-long call to get a quote for your move.

Our Pre-Move Surveys use virtual moving technologies, allowing you to get a moving quote at your own pace and at a time that works best with your schedule. All you need to do is record the video, and we do the rest.

2. It’s fast.

Once you record your video, our AI interface quickly creates a detailed inventory — and you get a fast, accurate quote without any hassle.

3. It’s accurate.

Because our software can calculate an estimate based on your exact inventory, you get an accurate quote instead of a blanket price. And like we mentioned earlier, the technology factors in things like high-demand moving times, weight, and capacity calculations, 

4. It saves you money.

With Scobey’s Pre-Move Surveys, you have the power to add or remove items to change your quote. If the price is a little too high, you can remove items from the inventory to bring the cost down to the level right for you. And all of this is done from your smartphone. 

High Tech with a Personal Touch

When your mover leverages the power of AI technology, you as the customer get an accurate, streamlined experience from beginning to end. Virtual moving technologies (like our Pre-Move Survey) help give you control and minimize stress — but your friendly Texas movers are still here to make sure every step is handled with care.

AI provides the tailored, precise, no-hassle framework that meticulously inventories your belongings and gets you the fastest quote possible. 

But people are the heart of our service — dedicated professionals who go the extra mile to make sure your move is as comfortable as possible. 

Our team (of humans!) ensures your belongings are packed with care, answer your questions with a smile, and make the difference in your relocation.

In the century since Scobey was founded, we’ve gone from using horse-drawn carriages to AI- powered virtual moving technologies. But even with this state-of-the-art tech, it’s the authentic, caring professionalism of our team that brings it all to life. They provide the years of hands-on experience and expertise that technology can’t replicate.

At the end of the day, we know your move isn’t only about relocating items — it’s about moving lives. And while our AI technology helps set the stage for an exceptional move, our team members are the ones who truly make it happen.

And this blend of high tech and personal service allows us to provide you with the best possible moving journey — one that’s efficient, reliable, and tailored to YOU.


Are you ready to experience high-tech AI moving technology WITH the experience that comes with a century of great service? Give us a call at Scobey to find out how you can get the best of both worlds in your move.

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